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Evidence-based musing. Help Swiv write a speech for his son’s 21st… he’s struggling, desperate to avoid coming across as a dad joke to his groovy son and his hipster mates. Does he have what it takes?
Join Swiv on a free dive into his past and our future. He emerges with pearls – for us and his son. On Gough and slippery dips, choc tops and dick pumps. A rousing, ridiculous how-not-to-guide on parenting and politics in our increasingly mad world.
Simone Whetton, 702 ABC Radio called it “vulnerable, excoriating and hilarious in one loveable mixture! Mark Swivel lays it all out on the table in this very personal account of life as a long-distance dad”.
Phillip Adams gave his last show, How Deep Is Your Love? a much coveted a koala stamp. The Beat said it was “gripping and unique”.
He’s been on Studio 10 and Late Night Live. Go figure. In Dad. Joke. Swiv answers every question a young person can ask from ‘should men wee sitting down?’ to ‘honestly, what are we to do about this capitalism caper in these post-truth times?’
This is world-changing, wittering, brilliant banter. Warning: contains only one dad joke per performance (thankfully).


The trailer: http://www.swiv.com.au/dad-joke-trailer/

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