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What is 190cms tall, 110kgs, has a big ginger head and three “World’s Best Teacher” mugs to their name?

Mr Ben Knight

A brutally honest musical/stand-up fusion of what teachers really think about you and your kids. Classic uncut songs, lessons and rants straight from Mr Knight’s classroom!

You’ll never look at teachers the same way again!


Ben Knight has been a primary school teacher for the past 8 years and has taught all over the world, from large mainstream schools in Australia to a small mountain top school in the highland jungles of Guatemala.  After three months of living in the jungle on a strict beans and tortilla diet Ben began changing both physically and mentally and his collation of ‘serious’ acoustic songs began to morph into comedic parodies.  He then took these on the road and performed them in hostels all over Central and South America.  After returning home Ben went in the the RAW Comedy competition and was a state finalist two years in a row.  Then, six months ago he packed up his comfortable life as a primary school teacher on the Sunshine Coast and moved to Melbourne to create and perform his hour long show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival; The Parent/Teacher Interview.  Come and check out this big, hairy, ginger beast of a man rant, discus subjects and sing songs about you and your kids in a brutally honest hour of comedy.  You’ll never look at teachers the same way again!



Ben Knight Loop- Meyers Place

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