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Join us for an early mixer the night before the opening of the third annual Melbourne WebFest, featuring a line-up of some excellent local web series. The series screened in the “Spotlight on Melbourne” session are not nominated for any awards, but they are still recognised as part of the festival program.
Dash and D’Bree (Comedy)

Created by Hayley Butcher & Katrina Mroz

Two best friends stuck in fashion retail trying to get a break … not, like, a lunch break… No, a real break… A record deal, a modelling contract, a TV talk show… ANYTHING! Hey, if you’ve worked in retail for as long as us, getting $17.60 an hour to wipe bum marks off fitting room mirrors would be daydreaming of something bigger? Right?


Food for Thought (Comedy)

Created by The Pirone Brothers

Introducing Michael, Ruby, Rebecca, Leonard and Alice; a new gang of unlikely friends and companions. Every week they meet up to share stories of their misadventure and provide real facts on the topics that you want to know!


Good Things Work Out (Non-Fiction)

Created by Ryan Egan & Luke Goodall

Good Things Work Out’ follows every pivotal moment for Ry’s 2014 from the creative process of making an EP to a national tour, there is no telling when this momentum will stop.


Idiot Box (Comedy)

Created by Ben Bryan

Follow the adventures of two local idiots from Melbourne, Australia, as they struggle with adulthood, some serious destructive tendencies and their creepy neighbour Dave.

Two childhood friends Hugh & Gavin are in the autumn of their twenties when they realise they’ve spent all this time watching TV and jerking off to average pornography instead of actually living.


Ninja Panda (Comedy) 

Created by Dan Jones

Ninja Panda is the new superhero in town. But does he have what it takes to become a true hero? With the help of his friends, it’s up to Ninja Panda to defeat the evil supervillain The Librarian, and his evil henchmen!


Tales From Tinder (Non-Fiction)

Created by Emma Watts

Part documentary, part comedy, part “reality-tv puppet show”, this unique web series takes a look at the way people all over the world connect in the virtual world. from shocking failures and bizarre revelations to the rare encounters with true love. tales from tinder uncovers everyday stories from the hugely popular dating app tinder, where strangers (prompted by a variety of motives) arrange to meet. sometimes the planets align, but more often than not, they crash with spectacular results.
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