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The Melbourne Indie Film Festival will feature some of the best of independent cinema from around the world, including a mix of award winning films and outstanding emerging talent in the film industry.

The festival has been set-up to showcase new and creative works by emerging local and international artists.

Sometimes we don’t know why our friends are hiding, or vice versa.

Some of these stories may help us to undersdand, and be more encouraged to reach out and speak out, and to help each other.



Director: Emma Wright

Cast: Elijah Wellsmore, Josh Keiser

A depressed teenage boy is admitted into a psychiatric unit where he struggles to come to terms with his illness and stop ignoring the fact that he needs help.


The Brightest Star (UK)


Director: Grant Pollard

Cast: Ross Owen Williams, Victoria Welton, Grace Welton

A young girl gives her dying mother one last gift.


Earth Beneath My Feet (UK)

Director: Stella Goulart

Cast: Jackson New, Amanda Wright, Kevin Taylor, Ella Jane New, Elaine Claxton

A woman living in the depths of a Cornish valley has her solitude disrupted by a traveller on her way to Lands End.

Gardening at Night (USA)

Director: Shayna Connelly

Cast: Janelle Snow, Suzanne Culp , Lia Mortensen

The period between knowing death is near and death’s arrival form an unbearable state of regret, sadness and anticipation for Samantha. She is powerless to help Anne, who on the eve of her death, has not come to terms with her fate and remains angry and afraid. Samantha recreates conversations between Elyse and Anne from the hospital in order to comprehend what Anne is facing and the enormity of her own impending loss. Waiting expands time to the point that it loses meaning. The world shrinks to encompass only her and her phone, which will ring soon with the news. That night she can no longer bear the stillness and despite the darkness, Samantha tries to put neglected garden in order. Caring for living things gives her a temporary sense of control. Afterwards she realizes how she can help Anne let go of her fear, which also gives her the chance to say a personal good-bye to her friend.

Nolens Volens (BELGIUM)

Director: Piet Sonck

Cast: Abbas Fasaei, Celia Van Liedekerke, Liesa Van Liedekerke

Jenny, the school teacher’s pet, meets up with Master Johnny, to discuss the main role in the local school play & demands for a costume check before finally deciding. But what is her older sister Jennifer up to ? …


Postpartum (SAUDI ARABIA)

Director: Nancy Paton

Cast: Nancy Paton

Claire lives on a compound in Saudi Arabia where division between her western compound and the wider society increases her feeling of isolation caused by postpartum. Claire lives a rich exotic life, has help at home and a caring husband. However, ten months after labor she still cannot beat the depression that she has no control over. Postpartum focuses on the day she has chosen to fight with her condition whatever the outcome. She try’s to interact with others, with the environment she lives in, and most importantly with her son James, but postpartum depression has taken control of her life and ultimately may end it if she looses the battle.


Rajam (USA)

Director: Amanda Renee Knox

Cast: Najla Said, Sam Kasem, Deja Soufka, Tulsi Ram , Sam Kaledi, Sarah Himadeh, Alberto Zeni

A Syrian woman living under strict Sharia Law is accused of adultery, imprisoned and sentenced to death by stoning.


Some Call That Love (FRANCE)

Director: Chauvin Marie

A silence after a fight, a hard knock more or less. Lou with Noa, her boyfriend, drive on a small road in the middle of nowhere. Lou is in the back of the car, hurt, she cries. He drives nervously. We know that there was a violent interaction between them, the atmosphere is tightened. They stop, Noa leaves a few minutes, Lou disappears…


Suffering is the Easy Part (USA)

Director: Jaime Ekkens

Cast: Loren Kleinman, Jacob D. Womack

Suffering is the Easy Part is a short, partially animated documentary about trauma, trauma’s aftermath, depression and the healing process. The film is a voice over narrative that chronicles a sexual assault, the crushing silence and depression surrounding survivors afterward, the mental health issues that arise in the wake of trauma and the healing power of art. The story is about how to overcome the worst moments of our lives and ultimately find happiness and success at the end of a dark journey.


Testimony (IRELAND)

Director: Kamila Dydyna

Cast: Olivia Daly, Clodagh Downing, Neill Fleming, Hilary Cotter, Barrington Cullen, Gillian Daly, Ellen Corcoran, Stephanie Behan

Testimony is inspired by true events that took place in Poland in 1991, and adapted as an Irish story. 9-year-old Cat O’Neill is called as a witness in a domestic violence court hearing. Her mother is the plaintiff, her father – the defendant. The film shows the experience through Cat’s eyes, as she, her parents and the judge share the same space, physically and emotionally.


These Moments of Escape (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Joshua Gay

Cast: Joshua Gay

An experimental short film about the solitude that comes from a depressive state of mind, and the small moments of relief that come from escapism.


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