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The Melbourne Indie Film Festival will feature some of the best of independent cinema from around the world, including a mix of award winning films and outstanding emerging talent in the film industry.

The festival has been set-up to showcase new and creative works by emerging local and international artists.


Badman (USA)

Director: Joshua Feldhake

Cast: Hunter Enright, Debi Blaylock-Simon, Zane Simon, James Viersen

All Jerry wants in life, is to be THE villain that everybody fears. Everything he does, however, seems to end up helping others in the long run more than hurting them. When a massive plot of destruction goes awry, Jerry decides that maybe being good isn’t so bad after all.


Checkmate (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Gabriel Robinson

Cast: Keith Thomas, Oscar Morphew

A lonely old man has a brush with Death himself, who challenges him to a game of chess to win back his life.


The Crush Space (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Erin Latimer

Cast: Bella Martin, Gisele Scales, Emm Wiseman, Jack Douglas

Three Siblings. Three Secrets. One Mother. One Car.

When siblings Laura, Patrick and Grace are called back to the suburbs to visit their mother, they each have a secret to hide. Trapped in Laura’s defaced car on the drive to a family reunion, it’s not a matter of if their mother will find out, but when.

The Escape Hatch (AUSTRALIA)

Director: David Willing

Cast: Amy Hedger, Jess Kenneally, Alison Martin, Ellie Paton, Margarita Larraga

A girl walks into a restaurant dressed as Wonder Woman. She flicks her cape, takes a seat at the bar and orders a beer. As the restaurant staff ponder the motive behind this costume, the girl receives a text message and flies out the door. But the next Saturday evening, she’s there again. A feel good film about love and courage



Director: Sally Dulson

Cast: Sally Dulson, Matilda Ridgway , Nicholas Cassim

Jackie is a parking ticket officer. She allows our cameras to follow her for a week to get an insight on one of the most hated occupations.


Love Train (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Mike Wedderburn

Cast: Gary Files, Noela Foxcroft, Astrid Cooper

In an attempt to trigger the failed memory of his wife Meg, Harry tunnels into the nursing home where she lives and recreates the events of their wonderous first date. Visiting hours are over however, and The Matron does not take kindly to an old, rule breaking lothario. Harry’s attempts at resweeping Meg off her feet are not the cure-all he’d imagined and the love struck hero realises he must relinquish a slice of independence in order to be with the woman he loves

Midnight Walk (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Mathilde Nocquet

Cast: Kate Peck, Charlotte Williars, Taylor Ferguson

Midnight, hidden by sunglasses and a badass vinyl disguise, a mysterious brunette is looking for her victim. Plunged into darkness, a car park is the stage of her next murder.

Nicky Martin: Country Superstar (USA)

Director: Andrew Elliott

Cast: Mike Bissonette, Kevin Vaughan, Jenn Daugherty, Skinner Myers, Kristen Levy, Alex Canty

Nicky wants to be a country music star, but doesn’t know how to sing or play guitar. He wants to be a cowboy, but he’s afraid of all four-legged animals. After hearing about a singing contest at the County Fair, Nicky gathers his cohorts and prepares for what he believes is the chance of a lifetime.

The Proposed (USA)

Director: Joe Gonzales

Cast: Mickey Casab, Sarah-Jane Dalby, Matt Kaminsky, Eric Womack, Raymond Ma, Melody Peng, Jared Bonner, Jovita Trujillo, Chris Triana, Andre Mathieu, Lindy Loundagin, Danielle Dutton, Koz McRae, Mister Luz, Thomas Ochoa, Jeff Snodgrass, Marley Gonzales

A romantic picnic for two isn’t enough to save Peter, when his “special spot” turns out to be a popular destination for others with similar intentions.


Scams Incorporated (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Matt Mirams

Cast: Scott Major, Peter Flaherty, Tim L Long, Carolyn Rey, Adam Waycott, Calypso Spendlove

What would you do to land a job? That’s the question two men and a woman must confront when vying for one position at a secretive business. Barry, Clementine and Darren have no knowledge of what the role entails, but hopes of a fresh start unravel when they learn the firm specialises in scams. And the more people deceived, the greater the profit. Charmed by a magnetic boss and drawn to his beautiful cast of colleagues, this workplace appears to have it all. But three good people must decide if they’re prepared to abandon their morals for a salary.

Fraud is fun for some, but what’s the true cost of a con?

Texting: A Love Story (USA)

Director: Jeanette L. Buck

Cast: Lisa Bol, Rob Goeller

A short, awkward romantic comedy about love, intimacy, and connection in the digital age.

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