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The Melbourne Indie Film Festival will feature some of the best of independent cinema from around the world, including a mix of award winning films and outstanding emerging talent in the film industry.

The festival has been set-up to showcase new and creative works by emerging local and international artists.


Feature Film:

Made in Taiwan (United Kingdom/Taiwan)

Director: Jonny Moore, Leonora Moore
Cast: Alexander Jeremy, Esther Yang, Mason Lee

Under the elusive name ‘Made In Taiwan’, experimental film maker Jack invents an exciting type of film, which induces a high in the viewer and becomes an underground phenomenon throughout Taipei. With the help of Amy Lin, organised screenings pop up around the city and crowds of eager MIT fans flood in to see each of his newest creations. As his films become more and more popular, Jack fights obsessively to keep complete control of his product. He also comes to realize that his films have some lasting effects on the mind, and, with constant exposure to the films, Jack slides into a dark, dream world of his own creation that he may never return from.



Short Films:

The Anchor (Australia)

Director: Harry Anderson

Cast: Rowan Howard, Alanah Parkin

A middle-aged widower takes in a homeless teenage girl in an attempt to manipulate her into a copy of his dead wife.


Balloon Ride (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Evan Hughes

The story follows a young boy who is part of a dysfunctional family. He and his mother are victims of domestic violence inflicted by the father. The boy dreams of escaping with his mother, only to wake up to a tragic reality.

Business Trip (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Anthony Dillon

Cast: Elizabeth O’Callaghan, Giustino Della Vedova, Hannah Day, Chris Asimos, Anthony Dillon

A woman is stunned to receive a text from her husband after finding out his flight has crashed with no survivors.


Buying Time (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Indianna Bell, Tamara Hardman

Cast: Leighlan Doe, Winter Lappin, Nick Prescott



Director: Joel Stephen Fleming

A ruthless murderer is constantly interrupted during his attempt to torture his victim.

Dream Catcher Inc. (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Branden J Wittchen, Luke Angelo Roberts

Cast: Abhishek Mehta, Darcy Vejins

A romantic Sci-Fi drama about Jacob, a young man who lacks romance in his life, who instead seeks it in his dreams through a device which allows him to choose what type of dream he’ll have. He is warned about overusing the Dream Catcher device but continues to do so as loneliness pervades his entire life. He dreams of the same woman day after day, but has no idea who she is. Until one day he runs into her. They hit it off and surprisingly they share a lot in common. But things are not exactly as they seem.



One True Love, (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Fook Ngo

Cast: Marie Werrett, Michelle Hardy, Kim Givens

Esther and Vivian are witches. Both in their seventies, the two have been Bosom Buddies for years. Through thick and thin, and far too many wrinkles. Recently the septugarians have been on a search for the final ingredient in a spell that will revive their long-lost youth: the kiss of “One True Love”.

Sadly, that’s easier said than done. Especially in these modern times.

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