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Melbourne Documentary Film Festival presents a selection of Animal and Environmental documentries. Featuring: Kangaroo; Samantha’s Amazing Acrocats; and Rodents of Unusual Size.

Directed by: Kate McIntyre Clere & Michael McIntyre
This groundbreaking film reveals the truth surrounding Australia’s love-hate relationship Kangaroo unpacks a national paradigm where the relationship with kangaroos is examined.

Directed by: Jacob Feiring
A midlife crisis sparks forty-two year-old Samantha Martin to quit her day job and follow her dream of creating the world’s first traveling cat circus, The Amazing Acrocats. In a broken down RV brimming with kitty litter, sparkling sets, and a full cast of high maintenance circus cat, Martin visits cities small and large to build circus buzz, in hopes of achieving stardom.

Directed by: Quinn Costello, Chris Metzler, and Jeff Springer
Meet fisherman turned bounty hunter Thomas Gonzales and a pack of colourful diehards as they defend their land, and way of life against the unforgiving forces of nature. It is man vs. rodent.
May the best mammal win.

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