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LOVE HARD is a work of docu-portraiture about BDSM and intimacy. In its inquiry into the loves and lives of 5 subjects, it presents unique, articulate, and thoughtful perspectives on how kink can function in our lives – as a practice of art or intimacy, as a mode of expression or release, as an iteration or an obliteration of self, as a way to play, a way to fuck, a way to love, a way to be ordinary. 

It began with the premise that BDSM, viewed simply and without stigma, is a mode of relating – to oneself, to others, to the built and natural worlds. One that the culture has taken upon itself to make meaning of, through its various filters, values and economies. We saw that there are as many ways of making meaning from BDSM practice as there were practitioners, and we desired to model the development of one’s own meaning for the role of BDSM in one’s life.

What results is a collection of words, images, and sounds which, when woven together, address BDSM from philosophical, psychological, physiological, artistic, sexual, emotional, and historical perspectives. These people play hard and deeply, and the insights they gather in their ‘travels to the borderlands of what’s socially acceptable’ are revelatory, and perhaps have something to say to us about love.

*Please note: Love Hard contains discussions and/or depictions of heavy BDSM play.


What is Documentaries After Dark?

Documentaries After Dark is Melbourne’s home of sex, sexuality and gender documentary films. We focus on quality, diversity, creativity and sometimes obscurity, bringing you the films you aren’t likely to see elsewhere from local and international filmmakers.

Snack on some popcorn and pizza, enjoy a cocktail or fancy soft drink and join us as we dig deep on everything sex, sexuality and gender. Tickets are available online (recommended) or at the door if not sold out prior. To make it even cuter, each month we’ll have a door prize and a raffle, with great prizes from Nikki Darling and other local businesses. This month our sponsor is Eagle Leather!

Screening both new and old documentaries for our community of sex geeks and film nerds, we love folk who like to learn and discover via the big screen. So bring your lover or your mother to Documentaries After Dark!

Where is it?
Loop Bar, Melbourne CBD.

When is it?
Tuesday 14 February 2017. Doors 6.30pm.

Who Can Come?
Documentaries After Dark is an 18+ event.

Documentaries After Dark aims to be as accessible an event as possible, and Loop is a wheelchair-accessible venue. If we can do better to meet your accessibility needs, please let us know.

Limited tickets available, book early to avoid the crushing disappointment of missing out.

Tickets will be on sale until the day of the event, unless sold out. If you are not able to purchase a ticket via Eventbrite (preferred method), please contact us at hello@nikkidarling.com.au to book a seat and arrange an alternative payment method.


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