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With a subtle nod and a stiff middle finger to the Pop Art movement, Peter Fountains’ work is cunningly crafted from redundant mass-market objects discerningly plucked from mountainous landfill, swiped from tidy suburban nature-strips or, in rare cases, carefully eased from the quiet dust of ancient sheds.

Amalga-Mates are Peter Fountains’ ironic desktop creations; exquisite assemblages that re-frame our unbridled culture of waste and unnecessary disposal. Amalga-Mates are the Inhabitants of a ramshackle arcane junkscape and the central characters of Peter’s forthcoming animated short films and captioned picture books; .Rebellious adventures, cautionary tales and nonsensical journeys that delightfully explore the day to day goings on of a chaotic population of robot-like beings – their strange, yet, oddly familiar pastimes, internecine squabbling and obscure motivations, cleverly woven together like their constituent body parts.

Produced between 2012 -14, this exhibition presents a small selection of the broader Amalgamate community alongside some adorable family album portraits.  These beautifully atmospheric illustration-like photographs, are printed on durable 3mm alucobond plates, and capture some of the characters in action.

A little about Peter

I was born and trained in England, completing an awesome BA Hons. course in 3D Applied Arts in 1994. After graduating, I moved to Hong Kong, free-lancing for several years in Special Effects Model Making – Prop Design for film, TV and corporate events; Great life experience but terrible work/life balance that definitely informed some of my core values around work and play; societal waste and personal responsibility.

I moved to Australia in 1997 and continued to free-lance in Melbourne.  Then I worked in Psychiatric Disability Support as an Arts Facilitator; RMIT as a Product Design teacher, and Furniture Manufacturing as some kind of production leader. Throughout this meandering journey I’ve continued to make and exhibit art wherever I can, all be it in a very sporadic fashion. No great accolades – just transient passion and some serious hands-on skills.

Only in the last 5 years have I been able to pull focus on anything that resembles a professional arts practice.  I think I finally worked out what to say, how to say it, and, have the discipline to keep at it. 1% inspiration  – 1% desperation – 98% perspiration and all that.

This current body of work further develops the Amalgamate robot characters, celebrating playfulness and questioning our tendencies for conflict and power struggle.


Email: peter@peterfountain.com.au

Web:  http://peterfountain.com.au/

Shop: http://amalgamates.peterfountain.com.au/

fb:   https://www.facebook.com/PeterFountainYouveGotItMade

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