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The collective “Fais le Chien” can be characterised under many domains; literature and poetry written by Leon, an artist hailing from France, his work has artistically been enriched through collaboration with a Belgian artist, Auto. They have creatively joined forces having had previous experience working as video directors in big screen projections and performance respectively. With a critical eye, they rewrite and repaint the world in their own light. Thus, they place themselves ahead of those who wish to avoid exploring taboo subjects. Wielding contradictory mediums, creatively these artists compliment and collaborate with one another brilliantly.

Considering the vastness of this world, they attract themselves alternately towards different feelings, their preferred theme being, human interaction. In each of their creations of which they are “principle protagonists”, they involve themselves with their actors. They immerse themselves completely in life, they observe it: one writes, the other paints so that finally an entire work can come to fruition. Just as the universe holds polarity between positive and negative, Leon’s creations cannot reach maximum potential without the works of Auto.

“We represent the large degree of feelings experienced in the world”; Carol Lallemand enjoys fear whilst Loic Servat prefers to toy with love. We cannot compare the two nor place them as one, but imperatively, either cannot go without the other. Thus, they assemble themselves easily under the question of identity. Not hesitating to take a stand, they have brought to life the performance of all performances. So as to perplex the daily life of the public, they shout their story in the centre of a crowd but again, arm their camera placing it in unknown territory. They hope to collide with their biases in simplicity. Their approach is as powerful in the sense that where they always return to is the despised and crushed values, using unique words and paintings to convey meaning.

Fais Le Chien Loop-Meyers Place
peintrouge Fais Le Chien Loop-Meyers Place Fais Le Chien Loop-Meyers Place

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