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Clan Collective’s ‘Euphorbia’ project unites an artificial representation of nature under a blanket of shifting psychotropic light. 


Emphasising the old adage of, “the more you look, the more you see”, ‘Euphorbia’ highlights how the appearance of inanimate objects can change significantly through the distortion of light.

Clan Collective a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne, Australia that was founded by partners Claire Quirk and Daniel van Schaik in 2015. Combining their individual skills and experiences from working in the fields of building, fashion, architecture, illustration, painting and communication design; the duo offers a unique and diverse range of aesthetics throughout their body of work, embracing dark and sombre modes of expression as well as feminine, soft and light tones. Believing that beauty and flaws are never mutually exclusive, Clan Collective uses both traditional and contemporary methods of production to create compositions that celebrate imperfection.

euphorbia Loop- Meyers Place euphorbia7

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