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For his exhibition in the LoopHole cabinets Danny Frommer touches on notions of usefulness, the body, the artefact and the mutability of materials/processes.
His pseudo pragmatic assemblies allude to movements and functions whose definability is deferred. In doing so he creates a contained yet playful and bodily space exploring ideas inherent in technology.

Danny Frommer fabricates, maintains, machines, assembles and alters components that are often found, recycled, machine-made and/or hand-made – exploring the relationship between the body and the machine. In doing so, Frommer forms loose narratives and compounds propositions that focus on the fallible, visceral, humorous and dysfunctional qualities associated with machines and processes. Frommer holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from ANU, has completed Certificate 4 in Engineering Studies at NMIT and has undertaken numerous residencies.

Vimeo Channel of Danny’s work


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