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The conceptual premise of my practice begins with an investigation of play and boundaries. My work evolves from the memories of freedom in play while growing up in the seventies and eighties, including the magical places I was able to freely explore compared with the constraints imposed on children today. This prompted me to investigate ideas around free play, while also imposing some constraints such as colour and shape in the work. Using Perspex allows me to layer and make use of both sides of the surface, giving me many possibilities. I also open up my works further by broadening my exploration of colour, shape and surface. Sometimes adding figures chosen by looking through hundreds of photographs usually old photographs of family and friends considering the composition and how the figure would work with my work.  I enjoy exploring the movement of various mediums – including acrylic, oil paint and glues and their reaction to pressure and surface.

Snapshotting moments of stillness within urban environments whirring in near constant motion, I explore the concept of reality and what defines ‘reality’.

Through a variety of mediums I draw inspiration in from momentary glimpses into the daily lives of others. My work often focuses on exploring the environment and how as individuals from varied backgrounds and experiences we respond to it. Growing up on the outskirts of Darwin within a very multicultural and transient population my ideas and perception of self and others was formed. It was here where my fascination with storytelling through art and the connection between the land and ourselves began.   I explore these complexities of the land, environment and people through the human figure as a vessel and means of communication.

Hayley Wait Loophole Loop-Meyers Place Grasp Loophole Loop-Meyers Place Stay Loophole Loop-Meyers Place Andrea Hughes Loophole Loop-Meyers Place Andrea Hughes Loophole Loop-Meyers Place Andrea Hughes Loophole Loop-Meyers Place

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