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Kathy Pappas
3 May – 3 June
Opening 3 May, 6 – 8pm.

Kathy Pappas’s practice is rooted in a discovery or re-discovery of self, her practice involves a combination of photography, collage and found object. Kathy meditates on nostalgia, the past seeming more beautiful, desirable and simple.

Photographs give us an uncanny register of time, our minds leap, skip and twist through memories in an attempt to build a narrative. The forms in Pappas’ collage works are a visual incarnation of these movements in our mind.

There is something curious and intriguing, yet strange, lonely and upsetting about these collaged images. We strive to remember what’s missing, but often we find that we cannot.

Kathy Pappas is a Melbourne based artist, she has a Bachelor of Arts/Visual Art from Monash University and is currently studying a Master of Curatorship at The University of Melbourne, and has recently completed a thesis on photography in the age of the internet, focusing on artist Patrick Pound’s practice. Kathy has exhibited in a number of galleries and festivals in Victoria.

Curated by Siobhan Sloper

Artist Website: http://cargocollective.com/kthps

Image: Kathy Pappas, Scraps Collage #1, 2014.

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