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Jia Xing Nong was raised in GuangZhao, China and completed her first few years of further study at GuangZhao University of Fine Art, before moving to Australia to complete her studies at RMIT. She majors in Sculpture, but also studies Painting. She uses both mediums to play off one another, and work with each other to inform her practise

‘I am interested in the relationship between the conceptual and the physical, the idea and intention behind a piece of work, and how that relates to the making of the work, to the constant exchange between materials and concept. My pieces are often unintentional and unexpected, and derive from the relationship I develop with the material as I work with it. I start with an idea, which then grows and changes as my piece does. I work with many different materials, and do not start a piece with a clear material in mind, because I hope to be surprised by my pieces, and in turn surprise the viewer by always playing and discovering as I work.’

Opening night drinks – Thursday 10 January 6-8pm

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