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Laurel Kohut has been working with glass for since 1999. After completing her undergraduate degree with honours (Applied Arts – Glass) at Monash University, she received a 2 year placement to work as a Design Associate at the glass studio at Jamfactory, South Australia. An accomplished artist and technical glass blower, she has exhibited throughout Australia as well as internationally. Her work has also been short-listed for prestigious glass art awards, the Ranamok Glass Prize and the Tom Malone Glass Prize. Laurel has recently completed her Masters of Fine Arts at Monash University.

Laurel’s current work explores the nature of interaction between people and objects on an emotional level. Through her work she seeks to understand why some objects and symbols have an emotional language for the viewer and how mundane objects can become deeply personal with the association of sentimentality and memory.

Opening night drinks Thursday 9 May 6pm


Artist Statement

My current work is an investigation into the ways in which we form relationships with objects. I believe that jewellery items are some of the most poignant objects that come into our lives. These objects can become intimate, symbolic, treasured, or personal.  By re-creating the aesthetic forms of jewellery in the fragility of glass the exploration of their varied emotional significance becomes possible. As jewellery traditionally is a personal object that is worn on the body, within this body of work it becomes an allegorical vehicle for emotional concepts.

The scale of these objects has been purposely distorted to render each object non-functional; thereby requiring the viewer to reflect upon the symbolic nature of the object rather than relating to it as an object of pure ornamentation. These pieces seek to interact with the viewer by allowing the overlay of personal associations with treasured objects.

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