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On display for the month of October and November – Porcelain Portraits by Paul Ikin
Paul Ikin is a professional artist and illustrator based in Melbourne. His studio is in the iconic Nicholas Building on Swanston st where he can be found most days and nights.

After many years of Pen & Ink drawing as an illustrator he stumbled across porcelain artworks while traveling across Europe. It wasn’t until a year later while in New York he picked up some porcelain paints and took to them straight away.

His art label, called I?Porcelain, carries his past and future art works which can be found at www.iheartporcelain.com as well as his FaceBook page under the same name where he post studio photos and works in progress.

“I’ve never found a canvas I really loved,  porcelain and china—especially the humble plate is so familiar and able to take the enamel-like paint somewhat beautifully, it’s not precise though, the paint runs, pools and drips, it seems to have a mind of its own with no grit to hold on to like a linen canvas. The surface is so stark and perfect, sometimes daunting to look at but once you lay down the first line it’s all goes away and I just love a round canvas.”

“It even starts off cold in your hands and by the time the picture has been painted the plate is warm.”

“When drawing portraits (familiar or not) I’m not going for exact likeness, most of the time I’m just happy the paint falls where it does, for this exhibition I’ve done some familiar faces, famous actors from the 1920’s, royalty, sidekicks and friends. It’s not hard finding a subject.”

“Each and every piece I create is one of a kind, signed, dated and then sealed in a kiln. Sure their dishwasher proof, but thats not what I’m creating them for, it may have been a plate in its day but now it’s art, isn’t that right Duchamp?”

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