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ATTENTION!! Because of horse torture gambling day we’ve swapped to Wednesday the 6th!! DON’T BE NO LONG FACED TUESDAY FOOL!!

Come join us at LoopdeLoop UNTIED, our bi-monthly FREE screening of amazing short animation from around the globe.

Among the incredible line up of indie animation, Neil has to share we’ve got grad films, studio productions, cool old shorts from yesteryear, and silly little clips that have no real purpose or right to exist in the first place! COME HANG OUT!!

OH!! The current LoopdeLoop theme is INSTRUMENT and the deadline is November 27th! This will be the last official theme for six months while Neil takes a well-deserved break. If you’ve been putting off submitting now’s the time! TOOT TOOT!! http://loopdeloop.org/submit

website: http://loopdeloop.org/
fb page: http://www.facebook.com/loopdeloop.org
twitter : http://twitter.com/loopdeloopaloop

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