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Loopdeloop, that’s a bi-monthly animation competition/screening! This is NOT that though, this is the between-month where we screen whatever cool animation we want from around the globe!

And this, specifically, is our special NEW YEARS edition, kind of (January 3rd). Christmas is well over and you’ve done plenty of seeing your family at this point. It was nice, but they don’t understand you or your interests. Your interests are watching CARTOONS in a BAR.

So to celebrate, your BAR CARTOONS will be curated and hosted by award winning and very handsome animation boy Felix Colgrave (me)!!! Apart from making cartoons, I’m also good at watching them, and making you watch them! Neil hasn’t let me for like 6 months because he had enough stuff lined up, so I’ve had a long time to scour out the BEST, FUNNIEST and STRANGEST animations for you to sit through, old and new, spanning several decades, countries and mediums, from both commercial and independent directors. Come watch them with us, and be cool!

*It’s not on a yacht

website: http://loopdeloop.org/
fb page: http://www.facebook.com/loopdeloop.org
twitter : http://twitter.com/loopdeloopaloop

loopdeloop-yacht Loop- Meyers Place


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