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“What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.“
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Come witness a vulgar display of power with us at this month’s LoopdeLoop screening!
Time: Tuesday 3rd October 8:00PM
Location: Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
What: Free Admission!

LoopdeLoop is a bi-monthly mini animation festival. Short, looping animations from all over the world will be screened, applauded and judged by the audience at Loop!

The deadline for submissions is Sunday September 24th at 11:30pm in your timezone. THERE’S STILL TIME TO MAKE A LOOP!!

Struggling for one of those light bulb moments? How about electricity, being in charge, the power of positive thinking, super powers, the power of greyskull, physics, the theory of relativity, power outages, alternative energy sources, flat batteries, power outlets, the power of love, phone chargers, lightening, and maybe some other kind of pow… er.

Plug yourself in, charge your brain up with ideas and see where they take you!

The submission guidelines are simple;
• it must be made by you. Any loops submitted which include copyright protected imagery or sound without permission will be rejected, regardless of their quality.
• it must suit the current theme.
• it must not contain pornographic material, incite hatred or include defamatory or discriminatory content.
• it must be engaging to watch, both on the web and when screened to a live audience!
(At the end of each theme the best loops will be screened, having your loop posted to the blog doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be in the final screening compilation.)
• it has to loop!

For more details submissions guidelines visit our submissions page, and check the sidebar or the screenings page for the latest details on screenings in your area.


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