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If We Only Had Another Room is a reflection upon a specific place in Melbourne; St. Georges Road, Toorak of which the artist used to drive through on their return from work to a small rented studio apartment. This video is a mediation upon the inconceivable wealth present on this particular road, with one house said to be ‘worth’ $70 million. It also more broadly looks at the way people inhabit space and how it is used or not used.

The dialogue running in the background is a recorded conversation of the artist’s parents, as they discuss various home improvement options.This produces a humorous element in the video as the arbitrary nature of the housing market is poked fun at while the serious inequality and greed displayed in the houses is shown on screen.

Artist Statement
Natasha Manners grew up in Scotland and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at Monash University in 2015 and has since exhibited work in solo and group exhibitions. Natasha’s core interest is in the phenomenon of developing place; addressing the complexities and nuances that arise when doing so.

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