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Locals is a bi-monthly night dedicated to the finer strands of house and techno, showcasing local DJ’s and artists of both local and international repute through their DJ/Live Sets and musical releases.

Curated by two avid record collectors and label owners, Daniel Filipovic (Pinksilver Music) and Paul Cooper (Project / Sub Squared), the night focuses on extended DJ sets from guests within the innate confines of Melbourne’s premier project art space and bar, Loop.

Locals 04 features the brooding and hypnotic sounds of Asha Dirge and Lorenzo.

Asha Dirge has been quietly applying the artistic touches to his definition of techno over the last few years, a sound exploration that touches some of the more darker yet transversant elements of techno. Together with his unequivocal DJ sets, his output is authentic, unique and very much Asha Dirge.

Lorenzo – not a fan of artist biographies on the whole; and after carefully considering the request for one, offered up the following: Likes techno, buys vinyl, runs events, can mix, have a listen…BillionUnderground.com. ‘Nuff said.

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