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Architectural Forum.
Livestream Replay > The architectural industry works on stolen Indigenous land; it builds on ground that was never ceded.
Architecture excavates this dirt. It plugs in foundations. It sculpts iron ore into steel that defines our skylines. It markets light colour palettes as “fresh” and “clean”. It profits from and gives profits to those who have already been the biggest beneficiaries of colonisation. And in most cases it obscures, replaces and destroys connection to Indigenous culture.
In our education and practice – amidst the ubiquity of clean white card models, the implicit whiteness of modernity, the proselytised white treasures of antiquity – when were we encouraged to think about this critically?
In the wake of increased awareness and knowledge that racism is systemic, we need to learn the refusal of things as they are now. Our words need action. The architectural world needs a good toppling. We need to redress how we interact with land, air and water. What is now is inadmissible. How can we become architectural accomplices for an Indigenous future? What does it mean to work on Sovereign land?
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