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Acts: Water And Bridges (NSW) / Gigavolt / TESSEL / Zerotonine
VJ: A Comic Book Villain

This June, it’s time to fire up your Mr. Fusion-powered Delorean, Testarossa, Countach, 911, Blade Runner Spinner or even the criminally underrated Lotus Esprit into the future past for one of the best lineups of the year 20XX! Come dance, drink, play as we shift into overdrive for one incredible night that’ll leave flaming trails behind your dancing kicks (figuratively).

Laser Highway is Australia’s premier night located in Melbourne dedicated to the very best synthwave, italo-disco, outrun, retro electro, 80’s jams, games, and anything else firmly with its roots in synthesizer-based music to keep you grooving into the night! We’ve cultivated a culture that takes inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s, cyberpunk, vaporwave, deep reds/purples/blues and a bunch of sci-fi/action movie tropes into a clash of exploding sound and colour.

Laser Highway is a monthly event featuring an incredible sound system, laser light shows, projection art, cocktail list, a big screen multiplayer game space and a pounding dancefloor to transport you to your retro home away from home. We’ve prided ourselves on creating a radically inclusive alternative club night to give you an experience that’s all about those thumping beats, synthesized basslines, good times and a touch of nostalgia and camaraderie from your past, present and future friends that you haven’t yet met.

Andrew Morrow AKA ‘Water And Bridges’ (W&B) has been active in the Australian music scene since 2005. Like many, W&B started out in garage rock and punk bands during high school. After 4 years in metalcore band Convex on guitar, where the band performed along the east coast with artists such as Sleepmakeswaves and In Hearts Wake, Andrew left the band to have more time dedicated to electronic music.

Taking inspiration from soundtracks of such films as Transformers, The Breakfast Club, The Lost Boys and Tron, W&B moved into creating synthwave music – starting with the NewRetroWave ‘Top 10 newcomers of 2017’ EP ‘Neon Skyline’. Following this, W&B has released two albums ‘Tales From The City’ and ‘Starbound’, both of which spreading across the web through Spotify retrowave playlists and review sites.

Recent Singles ‘Battlestations!’, ‘The Outskirts (feat. drunk on a bike)’ and ‘Blue Eyes’ have all held #1 placings on Triple J Unearthed charts. W&B is now preparing to release his third album, ‘Miami Heart’, in late 2019, which will feature both Australian and International guest artists including synth powerhouse Gryff and acclaimed opera singer Monica Oriel.


Gigavolt has been producing and mixing synth wave, outrun, and electro since 2008. Most recognisable from the wearable tech he wears to Laser Highway, his sound fuses the 80’s neon future with classic cyberpunk themes, always with a heavy beat and lots of drama.


Tessel is a DJ and designer inspired by all things Outrun, Cyberpunk, fast cars and outer space. He’ll bring an eclectic mix of everything cyberpunk and outrun to the mixtable, crank some pounding beats and trippy soundscapes.


Zerotonine is the host, resident DJ and runs Australia’s first and only monthly club night dedicated to synthwave, outrun and retro electro: Laser Highway in Melbourne. As a labour of love, he is dedicated to providing a unique experience for music makers and fans alike. He is also the co-host of www.kissfm.com.au‘s (87.6 in Melbourne) Retro Electro Show from 3pm Wednesdays AEST.

A veteran DJ and creator for over a decade playing too many genres internationally and at home in Australia, he is in love with arpeggio basslines, warm synths, and driving drums; his style is inspired by 80’s movies, the Lamborghini Countach, boss fights, neon vectors, keytars, androids, reverb guitars, gated drums, cosmic phenomena, bleeps and bloops. Expect a range of sonic styles to get your feet stomping and head rocking from all corners of the retro-verse.



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