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Laser Highway ft. Megahit (Hungary) w/ DJ She-Ra (UK) / Ed Vice / Zerotonine

14 May 2022 9:00 pm




We haven’t been able to secure any international guests over the past couple of years due to [REDACTED] – so when the opportunity arose to get TWO of ’em on the same night, refusing was not a valid option. If you have been hanging out on our Twitch streams, you’d no doubt be familiar with Hungarian producer Megahit both in chat and the music heard. Not to be pigeonholed into one style, his original productions effortlessly cross between cyberpunk, outrun, action movie themes, video game inspired and covers and sci-fi. It’s been a long while since he graced our stage in 2018, so we cannot think of a better time than now to have him back.

Our second international guest is a Melbourne native, but UK based and has always brought a smile to people’s faces and their dancing shoes fiercely tapping! A well traveled and broad sparkly tastes from 80s gems, italo and more modern synth hits, if you’ve never heard her selections IRL before, please don’t miss out this time.Laser Highway parties are safe and radically inclusive events for people of all walks of life.

We’re dedicated to presenting the nano-wire edge of alternative electronic music: soft, hard, light or dark. We take inspiration from nostalgia, fantasy, science-fiction, video games and more with high production values and a robust visual style in splashes of vibrant sound and colour. We encourage our patrons to express themselves in however they feel comfortable as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Tech-wearables, cool (safe) props and all the neon LEDs, EL Wire and clothing encouraged.

MEGAHIT (HUNGARY)MEGAHIT is a synthwave / retrowave style musical project, heavily influenced by 1980s action movies, video games, and dystopian cyberpunk literature. A dancefloor-oriented audiovisual experience that combines retrofuturistic tropes with modern music production, and a touch of industrial and cinematic soundscape.MEGAHIT started his synthwave journey in 2015. After two EPs he became a returning contributor to the Hungarian Synthwave Allstars charity compilation. In 2016 he released his first breakthrough album Days Of Violence, and managed to get featured on NewRetroWave, the biggest synthwave promotion channel on YouTube. His second album Wrath Of The Machine saw his first physical distribution on CD and cassette tapes, and was sold out in a month after release. In 2019 he released his third studio album Not Your Action Hero, which gained a great traction on streaming platforms, and was received with critical acclaim from the underground synthwave scene. His most successful track to date, Late Night Boss Fight was released by the American label FiXT Neon in 2020 as part of a cyberpunk themed compilation. In 2022 he was hired to create the official soundtrack of Without Judgement, an indie-developed open world cyberpunk video game by Wushin Software.https://www.megahit.hu————————-
DJ SHE-RA (UK)DJ She-Ra started spinning tracks in 2006; is London based and Melbourne made. She’s the dancing, smiling, colourful DJ full of fizzing fun energy to take you on an epic synthtastic journey through space and time. Always multifarious; you could hear a mix of synthwave, synthpop, Italo disco, melodic house and techno with a dash of Psytrance and maybe even a sprinkle of goth. If it fits the mood, she’s playing it.
DJ She-Ra has supported: The Prodigy, Futurecop!, Waveshaper, Robert Parker, Oscillian, NINA, VHS Dreams, Vincenzo Salvia, Sunglasses Kid, Makeup And Vanity Set, Betamaxx, Parallels, Morgan Willis, Duett, Danger, Starcadian, Maxthor, Maethelvin, & Nightstop.
DJ She-Ra produced UK synthwave all day event Outrun The Sun UK. She also spins around Europe & Australia at amazing events such as: VHS Visions Stockholm, Retro Future Fest UK, Outland Toronto, Ibiza Rocks, Egg UK, Stranger Nights Netherlands, Electrowerkz UK, Reptile UK, Cherry AU, Revolver AU, Butch Please + Butch Pride UK.https://linktr.ee/DJShe_Ra————————-
ED VICEEd Vice is no stranger to retro sounds. Having played gigs in the last ten years ranging from 80s synthpop to glam metal to freestyle, it was no surprise when he entered the synthwave world – and never left.ED hosted one of the first retrowave nights in Brazil for three years before moving to Melbourne. His sets mix recent synthwave classics with hidden gems of the retrowave scene.http://instagram.com/djedvice
Zerotonine is the host, resident DJ and runs Australia’s first monthly club night dedicated to synthwave, outrun and retro electro: Laser Highway in Naarm (Melbourne). As a labour of love, he is dedicated to providing a unique experience for music makers and fans alike.A veteran DJ and creator for over 15 years playing too many genres internationally and at home in Australia, he is in love with arpeggio basslines, warm synths, and driving drums; his style is inspired by 80’s movies, the Lamborghini Countach, boss fights, neon vectors, keytars, androids, reverb guitars, gated drums, cosmic phenomena, bleeps and bloops.Expect a range of sonic styles to get your feet stomping, head rocking and heart pumping from all corners of the retro-verse.

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