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Laser Highway takes over Loop Project Space and Bar once again to host Australia’s only night dedicated to the very best anything-with-the-word-wave-in-it, italo-disco, outrun, electro, 80’s jams, games, and anything else firmly with its roots in 80’s synthesizer-based music to keep you grooving into the night!

We are back with a vengeance in 2017 at a new venue, monthly schedule, opening hours, incredible sound, double the lasers (for real this time, we’ve left them at home the past couple of months), projection art, cocktail list, big screen multiplayer game space and an actual dancefloor (!!!) to transport you to your retro home away from home. We’ve prided ourselves on creating a radically inclusive alternative club night, to give you an experience that’s all about those thumping beats, synthesized basslines, the good times, a touch of nostalgia and camaraderie from your past, present and future friends that you haven’t yet met.

April is all about bringing back Laser Highway’s retro-futurism with heavy doses of both actual legit retro and futurism into one neat package of aural bliss. With a touch of new romanticism and cyberpunk club culture, we wll make this one hell of a party to remember!

In the dunes at the synth-beach…
The difference between Pink Lips and the other trans-dimensional groups is that they are a trans-dimensional group.

The ‘music’ that has been recovered from our time beyond the realms of human understanding, is a sleazy mix of new wave, trashy punk and euro-disco, with smatterings of sincerity. Wet your beak.



A music obsessive who hopes to one day listen to all the music, he has been exploring the intricacies of electronic music sub-genres for years and occasionally is on the radio (Triple R) or Podcast (Genre Cult). At Laser Highway Alex gets to indulge in his favourite hidden 80s relics, pop classics and modern retro everything. He had too many aliases so decided people should just call him by his name.


In ages past, Stray has fought to be at the forefront of funk, combining old-school electro and hip-hop into new-school breaks and beyond. Now, he turns his gaze back to the classic sounds of the legit and actual 1980s with a sprinking of newer synth styles to make your body rock. With over 10 years of experience in spinning, he is a master of mixology not to be missed!

Zerotonine is the host, resident DJ and runs Australia’s first and only monthly club night dedicated to synthwave, outrun, electro, italo-disco, and more from the retro future: Laser Highway in Melbourne.As a labour of love, he is dedicated to providing a unique experience for music makers and fans alike.

A veteran DJ for over a decade playing too many genres internationally and at home in Australia, he is in love with arpeggiated basslines, warm synths, and driving drums; his style is inspired by 80’s movies, the Lamborghini Countach, boss fights, neon vectors, keytars, androids, reverb guitars, cosmic phenomena, bleeps and bloops. Expect a range of sonic styles to get your feet stomping and head rocking from all corners of the retro-verse.


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