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Joshua Maddox Wellington, creator and star of the Lana: Delusion and Reyality series, is set to premiere his third and final Lana film at Loop – unless the evil Lady Gaga’s magical plan succeeds. As if any screen could contain these two queens, the twisted fairytale continues after the film with an exclusive live performance – only at Loop. 

In the future, everyone will be legitimate for 15 minutes. The newest and final installment in the Lana: Delusion and Reyality series is premiering in a floral and ARTPOPian fashion at Loop.

On the set of her upcoming remake of Gone With the Wind, Lana is pondering the concept of legitimacy in this pop-fuelled world hungry for instant adoration. But a mention of her old friend Stefani, now better known as Lady Gaga, sets off a rivalry that can only end in summertime sadness.

Following the premiere of the film, star Joshua Maddox Wellington is set to materialise amongst a fireball of fairytale Americana to debut an inspired performance, equal parts pastel retrospective and gothic savagery.

Lana Del Rey is the delicate and beautiful princess in the wonderful world of eternal Summer and Sadness. She’s awoken by her animal friends who must prepare her for her wedding to the handsome (and heavily tattooed) prince.

Meanwhile, the wicked queen Gaga is observing Lana’s morning joy and wedding preparations through her magical mirror. Gaga is outraged that Lana’s big day might overshadow her concert in the world of Pretensia – that same day!

Gaga devises a plan to kidnap the prince which would leave Lana humiliated at the altar and somehow, through some twists in reasoning, make Gaga’s concert even more popular. Will Gaga’s plan succeed? Is Lana doomed to an eternal summertime of sadness?

Get your blue jeans on and come and witness the film and exclusive performance, only at Loop.

Joshua Maddox Wellington is a young filmmaker, performance artist and popculture enthusiast best known for his acclaimed YouTube videos and elaborate live performances.


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