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In business, it’s rare to get personal. It’s particularly scary for women for the risk of being seen as ‘unprofessional’.

Photographer Beth Jennings knows differently. Give women a private space to share vulnerably and what they reveal is their feminine power and wisdom.

She Knows What She Knows – a night of edgy storytelling

As a woman in business, you’re invited to bravely share a personal story that you normally leave out of the professional domain.

This is your unique opportunity to see what happens when you play a vulnerability edge in a business context. How is your story received? How did it feel to share it?

If you’re feeling up for it, then here are some guidelines:

:: what’s shared in the room, stays in the room

:: no audio or video recordings to assure sharing safety

:: written from your heart (not your head)

:: spoken in first person

:: 250 words

:: saved to your phone or printed out

:: it’s not compulsory, but the more the better!

:: She Knows – the book

This special night also marks the launch of Beth’s gorgeous new book She Knows – twenty women in business reveal their feminine power and wisdom.

Meet some of the women featured in the book, and gain new insights about book writing and story telling for business.

Further details:

:: Beth will share her personal journey to her own feminine power

:: see simply stunning photographs from the book on display

:: your ticket price includes general entry and the prize draw

:: open bar for drinks and snacks, please support this amazing venue

:: She Knows copy samples will be on show

:: advance copies can be purchased by credit card on the night for $45 +$10 postage

About Beth Jennings

In a bid to explore what happens when we are personal in a professional context, Beth undertook a twelve month project called Humans.In business where business owners were invited to share their personal story and their photograph was taken.

Once shared publicly, the responses showed that people are hungry for vulnerability, truth-telling and relatability even inside a business context.

Through this exploration Beth found she was inexplicably drawn to the women and their fortitude, grace and humility. This led to the creation of her new book She Knows – twenty women in business reveal their feminine power and wisdom.

Beth now shows business women how powerful they are so that they can make the difference they want to make.

To learn more visit Beth’s website www.bethjenningsphotography.com

Come along for a fun and juicy night!

Dedicated in loving memory to Jane Treleaven.

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