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This movie night entails watching two incredible 30min talks by Harry Palmer entitled :

1. The Path to Personal
2. The Path to Compassion

If you are looking to create a better world for everyone and looking to better understand yourself and the relationship with the world around you.
These 2 talks are a must see!!

In this movie night Harry Palmer the author of the Avatar materials, examines the relationship of these qualities: Personal Responsibility and Compassion.

The Path To Personal Responsibility: Taking personal responsibility for your life is a necessary process. The power in personal responsibility is that external causes no longer produce internal reactions. Personal responsibility restores your choice as to how you react to people or events.

The Path To Compassion: Rather than being at odds with each other, head consciousness, or intellect, and heart consciousness need to work together.

Come and Enjoy the inspiration of these talks in a relaxed environment.
There will be some connecting time from 6pm to 6.15pm.
The Talks will be from 6.15pm to 7.15pm finishing with some more connecting time until 7.30pm.


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