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Hoard Couture is a collaborative one-night exhibition inhabiting Loop Project Space & Bar. Diverging from last year’s event, Call of the Hoard, this event will look to photography, digital media and textile to translate the tactile.

Narrm Melbourne based artists John Gosper, Louise Meuwissen, Eileen Braybrook and John Brooks will be working through the ways in which we connect with our ‘hoards’ as artists. How can we honour the particular support our hoards provide? Strategies of emotional holding, instant gratification, and the positive sensation/tactility of the material. The rousing potential of ‘things’ to embody the catalytic.

Our hoarded materials will be transformed with slow labour and care. Couture techniques and other intricate processes will be applied to unconventional materials to make objects. The value attributed to these objects comes through sentimentality rather than consumerist desire – transforming them into two dimensional images means that they can be easily accessed visually, but not so easily held.

Free event, RSVP not required.

This event is owned and operated by Hoard Couture, and proudly promoted by Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Independent Program. Please contact the organiser directly for further information.

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