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The Gold Diggers (1983)
dir. Sally Potter

Made with an all-woman crew, featuring stunning photography by Babette Magolte and a score by Lindsay Cooper it embraces a radical and experimental narrative structure. Celeste (Colette Laffont) is a computer clerk in a bank who becomes fascinated by the relationship between gold and power. Ruby (Julie Christie) is an enigmatic film star in quest of her childhood, her memories and the truth about her own identity. As their paths cross they come to sense that there could be a link between the male struggle for economic supremacy and the female ideal of mysterious but impotent beauty.

The Gold Diggers (1983)
dir. Sally Potter
90 minutes
English language / No subtitles
Screening at 8.30pm

Register for entry where seating allocation is freely coordinated by audiences. The venue encourages patrons to share space comfortably without indulgence. Seating rows are made up of 5-6 very large single couches which seat approximately 1.5 persons.

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