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This Easter long weekend, what better way to start off with a bang than with a FREE PARTY!
We at GenRaw wanted to launch our new brand serving up the tastiest mix of funky, fresh, and bouncing beats and introduce it to Melbourne. With this mix of EDM genres there is bound to be a fun and interesting night.

GenRAW will showcase a different span of genres to present the RAWness of EDM and the new limits reaches all the time.

The team at GenRAW have been involved in events that serve up a different mix of EDM genres for a few years. Here in Melbourne, we intend to showcase a new kind of event to open everyone’s mind on EDM genres and experience the widest, wildest extensions of these awesome sounds.

Come out and hear awesome beats in new ways and classic ways. Have a drink, chill with your mates in the screenroom corner, groove on the dancefloor, and feel the sounds our talented DJs serve up. Come and experience the funk, the groove, the bounce, the bass, and the fun!

MANDRAX (Destroy Ordinary)
D.M.B (Operation Phatty Attack)
UNDEFINED (Twisted Audio)
E.M.F (Hard Kandy)
TELEMIKUS (3D, Harder Faster)


GenRaw Loop- Meyers Place

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