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Clan Analogue’s Gear Shift  monthly electronic music jam session moves to a new level of self-oscillation. Whether you play a laptop, smartphone or piece of hardware, old or new, whether you’re a seasoned performer or complete novice, anyone can come and join the on-the-fly sonic mayhem.

This month Gear Shift will be joined by the world’s only improv modular synthesizer group, the famed Vicmod Ensemble. Expect walls of electronics, insane frequencies to blow the mind and more gear than you’ve ever seen on the premises.

Arrive early for participant registration. Video artists Object_State provide a live behind-the-scenes projection mix of the knob-twiddling action. Vicmod Ensemble play at 9pm.

Anyone is welcome to join in at Gear Shift. Just bring a synth, laptop, drum machine or any kind of electronic music-making gadget. The night is a great opportunity to play electronic music with other people, learn different techniques and try out new gear.

Gear Shift is supported by the City of Melbourne through its 2014 Arts Grant Program and takes place at Loop on the last Wednesday of each month

Gear Shift Sept Loop- Meyers Pl

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