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Clan Analogue’s Gear Shift monthly electronic music jam session continues its epic journey. Whether you play a laptop, smartphone or piece of hardware, old or new, whether you’re a seasoned performer or complete novice, anyone can come and join the on-the-fly sonic mayhem. Video artists Object_State provide a live behind-the-scenes projection mix of the knob-twiddling action. Arrive early for participant registration.

Following the jam session, Gear Shift will acid-rock out with a rare performance by electronic supergroup Oolluu. Featuring members of Pre-Shrunk, Bubble & Squeak and Morph, Oolluu deliver heavy grooves, massive bass and epic synths, all wrapped up in acid.

Anyone is welcome to join in at Gear Shift. Just bring a synth, laptop, drum machine or any kind of electronic music-making gadget. The night is a great opportunity to play electronic music with other people, learn different techniques and try out new gear.

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