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Freedom of Form Queer Space – PROCESS

4 August 2021 @ 6:00 pm

This August we are so so excited to welcome Simona Castricum, Judith Munro, Gene Bawden, Bella Singal and Dejan Jotanovic and other soon to be announced panellists to talk at the intersection of Architecture and Queer Space.Join us as we discuss Freedom of Form; Queer Space.We are crossing our fingers and toes that we can all meet in person, but acknowledge that restrictions around COVID-19 do change and shift. A Zoom link will be sent out to attendees in the case of the event needing to be moved online.

This July, Victoria celebrated the opening of Australia’s first Pride Centre – a physical home for a diverse range of LGBTIQ+ focused organisations, archives and festivals. While government support for purpose-built queer-focused architecture is new, this represents but a small moment in Melbourne’s long and enduring queer history.Queer communities and identities have always existed and intersected with architecture. Tethered to human rights, socialism, women’s rights and environmentalism, the queer narrative sits at the coal face of the fight for freedom and for all forms of self-expression. These stories of complexity, resistance and resilience unfurl in both public and private space.

The architectural discipline can only become richer through embracing queer theory – which when put into practice dissolves the status quo and limited and often ill-fitting definitions of gender. What does the dissolution of gender binaries do to space? And, how can architecture extend to make spaces for expanded definitions of family and community?What would it mean to use queer theory, queer process and queer praxis so that it shaped our city? What would architecture feel like, look like, and sound like?And, what hangovers still exist in public and private space from the long social suppression and obfuscation of the outward expression of identity? How can architects work to remove the frictions many on the queer spectrum experience in architectural space?Join PROCESS at 6pm on August 4 as we talk at the intersection of architecture and queerness. We will be joined by academics, practitioners and those with lived experience. All genders and sexualities are warmly welcome!

TIME 6:00 PM
DATE Wednesday 4th August
LOCATION Loop Project Space and Bar

23 Meyers Place
Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
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