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David Fedele generally makes films as an independent one-person filmmaker; director, producer, cinematographer, editor and distributor. His films are produced totally “outside of the system”, and he adopts a unique “guerilla style” to his filmmaking- while still making films that are seen by wide audiences around the world.

Last week David gave a workshop at LOOP on “Making documentaries for social change”. In this next workshop, David will go deeper into his filmmaking methods and approach working alone as a one-person filmmaker. He will discuss all facets of the filmmaking process, from project inception through to distribution … including his recent experience in crowdfunding his latest film.

7:00pm – Intro & Screening of David’s film E-WASTELAND (20mins/2012), exploring the unregulated salvage and recycling of e-waste (electronic waste) in Ghana, West Africa.

7:30:pm – 9:00pm – Workshop

About David:
David Fedele is an independent documentary filmmaker, traveler, wanderer, dreamer, musician, part-time philosopher and full-time incessant thinker.

He entered the world of documentary filmmaking through a love of travel and exploring different cultures, having travelled extensively throughout Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

Generally working alone, self-producing and self-funding his own projects, David is particularly interested in exploring cultural, humanitarian, environmental and social justice issues.

His films have covered such diverse topics as sub-Saharan African migration in Morocco, electronic waste in Ghana and illegal logging in Papua New Guinea, and have been screened and broadcast widely, winning numerous awards around the world.
Website: www.david-fedele.com


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