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Our country is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The Australian Bureau of Statistics forecasts that by 2056, our nation’s population could reach up to 42.5 million.

As our population continues to increase into the 21st century, it is crucial that we carefully consider the expansion of our city.

With this growth in our population comes both challenges and opportunity. However, if we are to ensure past mistakes are not repeated, it is crucial to focus on conscientious architectural/urban development, cultural education and enhanced social engagement.

This evening will aim to explore what Melbourne may look like in 2050 and how we can take steps to shape that image.


TYRONE BEAN – Secondary Education Masters Student, Master Graduate School of Education

TOM MORGAN – Future Cities and Architecture Specialist, Monash University

ROB HOSKING – Operations Manager, Melbourne City Mission

ANDREW SPENCER – Urban Designer and Urban Planner, SGS Economics and Planning

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