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Four very different girls work at Mighty Ant, an all-female building company, but much to the dismay of their boss not a lot of work goes on. Jane, a polished over-achiever and Mighty Ant’s sales agent, is always trying to fix the other girls problems to avoid her own. This usually backfires and only exasperates the situation. Her best friend is Prue, the office administrator, a naïve wide eyed spectacled country girl looking for love in all the wrong places. Prue is the polar opposite of Nicki, the company’s marketing coordinator, a sexed up wog from Doncaster desperate to get married NO MATTER WHAT! Nicki’s best friend and resident office bitch is Meadow, a designer adopted by hippies in Byron Bay. Her design skills are only matched by her acid tongue and ability to deliver a cutting one liner.

Joining the four girls is their boss Anthea, the project manager, a tough ball-breaker who is constantly busting in on their crazy shenanigans. Anthea’s frenemy, Karen the cleaning lady, an obnoxious opportunistic bogan from Frankston. The only thing she’s cleaning up with is the welfare system. The last member of the team is Will, an upbeat sparky, brother of Prue and Jane’s accidental one night stand. He’s infatuation with Jane will often result in him being dragged kicking and screaming into the crazy office antics.

FIX-HER-UP is show about female friendship. Sometimes the people you work with, despite all your differences, become your closest friends.

Fix Her Up Screening Loop- Meyes Place

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