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Finding Authenticity as a Music Artist

30 June 2022 7:00 pm > 9:00 pm

Finding Authenticity as a Music Artist adriana PBS LOOP BAR

A talk that explores how being your truest and most authentic self is your ticket to joy, success and fulfilment in the music industry.

If you are reading this, then trust that you have been brought to this page for a reason!

Join Adriana who is a DJ, soul-purpose coach and former announcer of ‘Opalakia’ on PBS FM to explore how you can shine BRIGHT and stand out in the music industry.

Adriana is here to share how following the mantra “Just do you” is what has led her to building a monumental radio show, playing her dream gigs, building a mass following and most recently, curating her own successful events that are a delightful extension of her.

If you are someone who wants to find your flavour, have the confidence to be yourself and dream big, then here are some of the topics that will be explored:
-The power of being authentic
-The significance of community
-Converting your breakdowns into breakthroughs
-Creating space for creativity
-The importance of trusting your inner voice and your journey
-The gift of perseverance
-The significance of courage and vulnerability

If you are keen to explore authenticity through a CONSCIOUS lens then this is the night for you!

Tix are LIMITED so get yours ASAP! Pay as you feel with all proceeds going towards PBS FM.

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