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The 70th Filmonik screening featuring a fresh and fun short film program with live cast & crew interviews in on May 26.

– Primary livestream links: www.filmonik.com.au/live (https://youtu.be/ERUWG59VlYQ). Youtube for the eclectic live chatting.

– Secondary link courtesy of Loop: https://www.facebook.com/loopmelbourne
Conveniently watch the livestream right here on Facebook.

– Third link courtesy of Loop: https://www.twitch.tv/looplivestream
If you prefer Twitch or if other streams got shut down.

We’re about up-and-coming and established filmmakers presenting their amazing, relevant and urgent short films to an audience hungry for the freshest films made in Victoria. It’s non-commercial, non-competitive and mostly uncurated with the films submitted picked to play at random the night of the screening. Expect under-5-minute comedies, dramas, animations, docos, experimental, trash, action films, and everything in between in equal doses just by the luck of it. Films are followed by live QAs with the directors. Ask your questions in the chat.

If you have a short film shorter than 5-6 minute that can be published part of the Filmonik show then submit it to us and we’ll be in touch to show you how we’ll do the interview via video call. Isolation films are fun and current but older films and premieres certainly welcome too with priority given to Victorian filmmakers.

Check the guidelines here: https://filmonik.com.au/how-to-screen
And submit here: https://filmonik.com.au/submit-your-film
Watch March’s screening to see the format of the interviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5W0n1xQEjc

Make a short film in isolation and send it to us for the May Filmonik show. Split screens, video conference movies, actors seemingly in the same room but being recorded in different suburbs, green screen tricks… have fun, go places (without actually going).


Filmonik is part of the worldwide Kino movement active in more than 70 cities around the world but super decentralised and without any of that corporate stuff going on. (http://www.planetekino.com).

TUESDAY May 26 in your computers, TVs and mobile phones at home.
7:00pm screening starts.


LOOP Project Space & Bar has been supporting thousands of emerging filmmakers, artists musicians, festivals, comedy nights, forums, DJ’s, not-for-profits, indigenous & LGBTQIA communities since 2003. We want to continue to support our community by migrating our program online during these difficult times. If you can, donate here.

Our show will be recorded without any guests and with all participants on camera and off camera residing in the same household. Director interviews are done via webcam livechat only.

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