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Bring-Your-Own-Short-Film. Filmonik has been Open-Mic/Open-Screen/Bring-Your-Film since 2013 and it’s only getting better with heaps of filmmakers reliably creating and screening the best and most spontaneous short films around. It’s non-commercial, non-competitive with an audience hungry for creative, entertaining, artistic, under-5-minute videos made by established or up-and-coming filmmakers. Expect comedies, drama, suspense, animation, docos, experimental, trash, action, and everything in between in generally equal doses.

$5 ENTRY, still CASH ONLY for now.

Filmmakers: It’s open-screen; bring on a USB drive your most recent film with a running time of 5-6 min and under and we’ll screen it. Spontaneously submitted short films of any genre and of all filmmaking levels have been creating awesome and balanced screenings for the public. A quick QA with Iphy the host follows each film. Organize your own premiere with us or run a cheeky pre-premiere of your festival film to get feedback without the hassle of submitting, paying huge entry fees and waiting. You can read the guidelines here: http://filmonik.com.au/how-to-screen/ and please ensure you have the necessary music rights or contact us if you need help in finding Creative Commons music that can fit your production.

Filmonik is part of the worldwide Kino movement active in more than 70 cities around the world (http://www.planetekino.com/).

TUESDAY August 27 at Loop Project Space and Bar.
23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD.

6:30pm to have a chat and submit a film
7:00pm screening starts (trying to be on-time!)
8:10pm intermission
8:30pm second part (very approximate)

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