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Filmonik Melbourne is the most inclusive short film night in the city. Filmmakers simply have to register a screening spot in advance and show up to the screening with the film ready for an engaged and open audience.

Film lovers looking for a fresh, exciting viewing experience will find it at Filmonik Melbourne. Films are fresh and raw, filmmakers are social and accessible, food is free and tasty and booze is flowing.

Filmmakers must beware the 7 deadly(ish) sins of Filmonik Melbourne.

1. Competition (not allowed)
2. Length (should be under 5 mins)
3. Logo (kino logo should be at end of film)
4. Old Films (films should be screened first at Kino)
5. Format (should be dvds or .mov files)
6. Home Videos (not allowed)
7. Wrath (not allowed).

General enquiries, film registrations and partnerships: info@filmonik.com.au

Filmonik June Loop-Meyers Place

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