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Loopdeloop Presents:

Neil has accidentally trapped himself in an old wardrobe in my garden shed, so I will be taking over proceedings this month! If you have no other plans for this upcoming 242nd Anniversary of the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati, then come watch some cartoons in a bar because who cares???????? That’s what this is, it’s cartoons in a bar.
Curated by me (Felix) and watched by you, later, when you attend this event! Spanning a variety of mediums, countries and decades, but consistently better than whatever you would be watching if I didn’t choose for you. I know what’s good for you, and it’s this!

Your regular LoopdeLoop crew will be returned safely next month for normal Loop. The current theme is LUCKY and the deadline is May 27th. Do that! http://loopdeloop.org/submit

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face: http://www.facebook.com/loopdeloop.org
bird : http://twitter.com/loopdeloopaloop

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