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Hey, you know Loopdeloop, the animation competition that happens every 2 months? This isn’t that! But we still have the bar booked on the in between months, so we can just screen WHATEVER. They have a projector and they let us do this!
Felix is hosting again (that’s me I’m Felix) and has found some stuff you should look at. Offbeat animated shorts, old and new, independent and commercial, from around the world and covering a range of techniques, but all great I promise! It’s cartoons in a bar and it’ll be good for you!

As for regular LoopdeLoop, the current theme is JOB and the deadline is September 22nd! GET ON IT!! http://loopdeloop.org/submit

website: http://loopdeloop.org/
fb page: http://www.facebook.com/loopdeloop.org
twitter : http://twitter.com/loopdeloopaloop

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