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CONCERT NO. 5 – Tickets at the door $25/10
Music to include: The premiere of a brand new work for string quartet especially commissioned for this Ensemble Urbane series which explores computer game theme music.

Music composed and performed by experimental violinist/vocalist Xani Kolac
Hindson – “Rush”
Brahms – Sextet Op. 36 G maj
Musicians to include:
Violin: Jess Bell, Sarah Curro, Cam Hill, Jenny Khafagi, Xani Kolac
Viola: Chris Cartlidge, Leah Zweck
Cello: Blair Harris, Will Hewer
This performance will also feature the photography of Lisa Lloyd-Flett and a collection of photos taken by the performers themselves. Throughout the year the musicians have used their phones to capture images of various things in their day to day experience which inspire them. We hope you’ll enjoy viewing these snap shots whilst listening to the people who shot them.

“urbane” = suave, elegant, refined, polished – having the savoir-faire regarded as characteristic of social life in a cosmopolitan city….
ENSEMBLE URBANE = Friends and colleagues playing the music that moves us.
ENSEMBLE URBANE is reaching a new audience by taking music out of the concert hall and into urban spaces. It presents high-end classical chamber music in a refreshingly approachable context. The series showcases some of Australia’s most exciting and vibrant talent in a relaxed and intimate setting.

The ENSEMBLE URBANE 2012 series combines music with other mediums such as visual art, photography, song, spoken word and dance and will be performed in bars and galleries in and around the Melbourne CBD.
In each of our 2012 concerts we’ve popped something in the programme that you might not necessarily expect to hear in a classical chamber music concert.
Our hope for these concerts is that at least one person comes along and experiences something they never knew they’d love.

To keep informed about ENSEMBLE URBANE projects, please “like” the String Source/Philharmonia Australia Facebook page, follow String Source on Twitter or Email leah@stringsource.com.au to be put on the ENSEMBLE URBANE mailing list.
The ENSEMBLE URBANE series doesn’t receive any funding. The people participating in each performance do so because they love their art form and they want to share it. The series relies on ticket sales to sustain itself so if you like what we do and you’d like to help us, please spread the word about us!

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