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Once again, Ting Bu Dong Electronic Arts will be hosting Loop’s monthly night, ELECTUNDRA, Audio-Visual Sessions. We are happy to announce that this is a CHARITY event for the wonderful Lighthouse Foundation, whose vision it is to end youth homelessness. Half of all profits will be donated.

Doors @ 8pm
$5 Entry/$10 Suggested Donation


Although his DJ sets have more of a Deep Tech/House vibe, Andre Le Vogue’s Live production lies within the realms of Chill/Ambient & Trip Hop. Being influenced by all things music and also playing drums in many bands, it wasn’t until the Summer of 97 where Andy started playing his first DJ (then Live) gigs in Fitzroy.
It was from there he started delving more into electronic music, DJing and holding residencies in venues, bars & clubs throughout Melbourne, experimenting with different mediums and sounds right across the electronic spectrum, and has continued doing so ever since.


Artistic duo, Hi-Life Wedding, bring you an all live electronic set, armed with synths, vocals, and an MPC. Heavy beats and catchy melodies create a unique sound that is both modern and accessible. Bringing you music from our hearts to your ears.x



The Safety Word provide a unique musical experience. Their sound is a mixture of moody, glitch infused RnB; born in the break-beating heart of Melbourne. They combine down tempo electronica with a twist of trip-hop and broken beats. Thrown into the blender are soulful vocals, abstract guitar, warm electronic bass and ambient soundscapes.


Electundra JULY Ting Bu Dong Loop- Meyers Place


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