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Ting Bu Dong Electronic Arts is proud to host Loop’s monthly night, ELECTUNDRA, Audio-Visual Sessions with an ALL FEMALE lineup.


Artistic duo, Hi-Life Wedding, bring you an all live electronic set, armed with synths, vocals, and an MPC. Heavy beats and catchy melodies create a unique sound that is both modern and accessible. Bringing you music from our hearts to your ears.x



Real people creating live beats and tunes in front of your eyes.
With influences from Massive Attack, 60’s lounge, and Romantic period orchestral music, Alpha Loopy is a punchy outfit embracing aural atmospherics and breakbeat rhythms to get you dancing.
Carolyn Oates – main loop creator, keys & atmosphere maker; had locked herself away in a little cabin in the Yarra Valley to experiment with some new gear and in a matter of a few weeks a new live instrumental project was born. Taking her back to her keyboard roots, she has created a spellbinding set of electro-pop music that is created live at every show.

Social Media Links:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alpha-loopy/sets/double-single-release
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alphaloopy
Website: www.alphaloopy.com


Performing under her given name, Louise Love is an electronic-producer, video-artist, singer and songwriter based in Melbourne Australia. A fascination with the idea of pop-music led Louise to create electro-pop songs that both celebrate and challenge the genre.

After developing a sound that draws from not only classic pop, but also new-wave, synthpop, techno, triphop and dance punk, Louise launched her stage show in 2013. Her short build belying a generous stage presence, Louise incorporates dance, video-art and costumes into her performances. The songs are vocally focused with thoughtful lyrics that explore relationships with the meta, mega and other, all while following a minimal pop structure.

Doors @ 8pm
$5 Entry


Electundra August 2016 Loop- Meyers Place

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