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The Australian Garden History Society and the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) join together to present a free forum discussion on the Elastic City, considering the fragility, dynamism and changes facing our cities.

Cities are elastic, yet elasticity has its limits. Elasticity respects change yet is also imbued with the quality of returning to a known state. Yet we know cities cannot remain static. Gardens and
urban landscapes share with cities those qualities of fragility and dynamism. And we also know that gardens and urban landscapes cannot remain static.

How do we engage with change in cities and their garden character and landscape context in ways that respect dynamism and fragility? How do we harness the qualities that give our cities their elasticity without taking that stress to breaking point?

This event invites participants to reflect on cities, gardens and urban landscapes. The forum panellists driving the conversation embrace the continuum between theory and practice and are vitally involved in the debate on contemporary landscape design in our cities. The panel discussion seeks opinions on managing cities that addresses issues from wide historical, social, and cultural perspectives.

This event is aimed at those interested in the future of our urban environments and especially those involved in guiding processes that will shape those futures. Local government planners,
heritage consultants, historians, architects, designers and all those concerned about our cities and their hinterlands can participate to share knowledge, ideas, and opinions.

The Australian Garden History Society is one of many organisations concerned with the welfare of cities and their citizens. It does this primarily by advocating for the conservation of significant gardens and cultural landscapes. In this, it partners with like-minded organisations such as the National Trust to achieve optimal outcomes.

Vanessa Walker, Associate, Context Heritage Consultants
Dr David Nichols, Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning, University of Melbourne
Amy Davidson, Landscape Architect & Urban Designer
Maddison Miller, Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub

Photograph: Laurie Thomas, Elevated view of Melbourne looking south east, 1983. State Library of Victoria


Tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=320422

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