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December is when we like to kick up the ante a little for ebb&flo. Last year we had Chris Fortier from the USA take control of the reigns for 3 hours, but this year we’ve decided to keep it local… well kind of. Our guest for this ebb&flo is arguably Sydney’s finest disc jockey. The experience, range, attention to detail and certain integrity this man brings to the decks is second to none. We’re DJ purists here at ebb&flo and we’re not ashamed to admit it, and Simon Caldwell is a DJ that does just that – DJ.

If you’ve seen Simon DJ, you’ll know what we’re on about, if you haven’t, prepare to witness his dynamic range, and signature programming that keeps him high on the list of Australia’s best underground DJ’s.

To top it off we’re comin straight at ya in 3D. 20–20 vision is something that you’ve hopefully never had at ebb&flo, but this time we’re not taking any chances. The man who looks after the visual sensations at ebb&flo – Netzair, will be showcasing some of his work in 3D, there will be 3D glasses being thrown all over the place, so be prepared for your occipital lobe to get a workout. December 8, lock it in.

Jon Beta


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