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Big up’s to all the lovers who made the last ‘flo’ a memorable one, it was the little things that made it; the high fives and smiles between that little gap between the male and female toilets, that hipster chick that danced like nobody was watching, the guy that wouldn’t stop fucking whistling, the orangutan dressed in a batman outfit (that Steve our good friend from Melbourne Zoo organised – cheers mate), and last but not least the friends in the group that suggest everyone goes to Revolver at 6am.

It’s clearly all about friendships, and as Aristotle suggested; the traditional idea of friendship has 3 components: ‘Friends must enjoy each other’s company, they must be useful to one another, and they must share a common commitment to the good’

Now let me tell you something about our good friend Kasey Taylor.. We enjoy this cat’s company, a hard Aussie lad that has breathed the thick air of the international dance music scene, if you haven’t met him, you must.. the perfect time to do this is while he is DJ’ing – preferably at the ending of one track and the beginning of another. Do we enjoy each other’s company? I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve recited Mark Bosnich one-liners, so if that’s not good company I don’t know what is. And our common commitment to the good is nothing more than sharing a common commitment to a good solid fucking baseline.

Saturday June 8, ebb&flo with our good friend Kasey Taylor. No set times, we’re letting the times set themselves for 8+ hrs


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